Guide to setup free website on Github

Git is a version controlling system It offers source code management as well.
While Github is web form of Git, which provide GUI version of Git services.

To host your website on Github you don’t need any web server knowledge.

First create a Github account, it’s absolutely free.

Set up a domain with Github

   Choose your Github username carefully while signing up.

   To set up a domain name with Github you have to create a repository as

follows – <your username>
        As you can see in the picture, My username is sagar03d in Github.
      so that’s why I named my repository
    Important Notes: If you named your repository as above rules, and still your
   website is not live then try deleting the repository and create again.
  Remember sometimes it takes 24 hours to go live, so please wait.

 Upload Website Content

  If your website is gone live, than congratulations for it.
  Now you can upload your website contents to view it on your
  domain name.
Notice on above photo, there is a clone or download button and left side
  of the button there you can see upload file to upload your existing file
from your computer.
If you want to create file than click on create new file option that’s it.
After you upload or create your content you can view it on your domain name.

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