How to install miui 9 global rom

Hello miui users, if you have a mi phone and you’re interested about getting new features every week, then this article is for you.

There is global beta rom for every mi mobiles, and if you install this rom, you will get an update from mi every week on Friday.

So let’s learn how you can install global beta rom. Before going further, make sure you’re a stable user of mi.
To check your ROM version, Go to settings => About phone => Rom version

Miui 9 global beta rom

As you can see mine is miui 9 global beta rom installed, yours should be stable.
if you have a stable version you’re good to go.

Our first task is to unlock mi bootloader. For security purpose mi has locked the bootloader of your phone. to install another rom version you must unlock your bootloader.
All you have to do to unlock your bootloader is shoot an email to mi, for a genuine reason. Remember if they think your reason is not genuine, you’re trying to do something illegal with the phone, then they might not give you permission to unlock your bootloader, so be truthful, don’t copy paste your reason. although 85% of the time they give unlock permission to users.
To unlock bootloader you have to make a request Here
Login with your same mi account that you’re logged in from your phone.
Once you’re done with your unlock request it would take almost one week to 10 days to unlock. you will receive an SMS from mi about your status within 24 hours of your request. 
After one-week download Mi unlock tool and connect your phone to your computer. Make sure you have USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking status enabled on your phone.

Mi Unlock Tool

To enable those options, go to settings => about phone => tap on Miui version couple of time until you see the message, that ‘ you’re now a developer ‘
then tap on the back button and go to ‘Additional settings’ => Developer option
under this option you will found OEM unlock and USB debugging enable option. If you can’t see OEM unlock option then Mi still didn’t give you access to unlock the bootloader. Wait few more days. If you get the button then enable that.

Now you have open Mi unlock tool and start unlocking. Hopefully, you will get no error. If you’ve unlocked the bootloader, Congratulations. Now its time to download correct Rom for your phone. From Here you will get the correct global rom for your phone. Download the ROM and extract it. Download Mi Flash tool from Here and execute it now 

Mi Flash tool

Remember: make sure you have at least 50% charge for next task.

Boot your phone to fast boot mode and connect it to pc, to boot the phone in fast boot mode you need to  follow below steps: 

1. Shutdown your phone
2. After doing so, press and hold the Volume Down and the Power buttons, at the same time.
3. Keep pressing these buttons until the fastboot mode is being displayed on your phone.

 After connecting your phone hit the refresh button. Select the path where you extracted your ROM file. If everything is ok then you should get your phone name on the table below. Now the final move. Click the flash button and wait for 10 minutes, Your phone will automatically start again, don’t worry. Congratulations you have successfully installed your new global beta rom.

1. Does it void my warranty to unlock bootloader or install new ROM?
No, you still have the warranty but if something goes wrong, you need to flash the stable rom before going to the service center. 

Do the above task at your own risk. I’m not responsible if anything goes wrong…

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