What is Artificial Intelligence

Firstly, the meaning or the definition of Artificial Intelligence is important to be discussed, so the term Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the portion of Computer Science the deals with the creation of machines that can react and work like a human being. The machine is capable of human activities like planning of different works, translation of languages, understanding problems and most importantly making right decisions which sometimes a human is even incapable of. Every research associated with AI is highly technical and specialized. The researchers are focused on developing advanced AI with the course of time.

Secondly, now comes the examples of AI used in today’s world. The most common example of an AI is the Siri used in iPhones. Now there are thousands of people using Siri in their iPhones which makes it easier for them to operate their device. Siri is an application developed by Apple itself which is a personal assistant to the user. There are many other examples of AI such as Cogito, Alexa, Tesla, e.t.c. Another AI that is similar to Siri but is used in every Android device is the Google Assistant and Samsung introduced Bixby as a personal assistant to the Samsung Smartphone user.


Thirdly, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of AI. While talking about advantages, it can’t be denied that AI is fast and that too with fewer errors, unlike humans. Then there are certain jobs which are repetitive in nature and it becomes monotonous for a human being to do it, this problem is solved by AI. Unlike human beings, machines can work for a long time without taking breaks. All these sums up the advantages of AI in a brief. Now comes the disadvantages, and the main drawback of AI is that it is costlier and not affordable for everyone. Humans improve with their experience over the course of time which unfortunately machines don’t, they only lead to wear and tear over the time. Machines do not have the power of creativity like humans, they can only be a helping hand, if creativity is required then AI is definitely not the option. Then comes the most important disadvantage of AI face by today’s youth, that is, Unemployment. Yes! If humans are replaced in place of machines then the problem of unemployment is quite natural. Artificial intelligence in wrong hands is also a serious threat to mankind in general. And this sums up the disadvantages in brief.


A Scene From Robot and Frank

Artificial Intelligence in the coming future can affect us in several ways. Some inventions have already begun to change the daily lifestyle and in the coming future, it is expected to develop the technology further. Self-driving cars have already been invented but in future, it is expected to be improved much more than it’s capability now, then transportation would become automatic. In future, taking up dangerous jobs will be something common, which includes bomb defusing as well.
In the busy lives of a working-class people, it is difficult to take care of the elders at home, in the coming future it is expected the invention of home robots that would be designed and programmed to take care of the elders present at home in the absence of other family members. A movie called Robot and Frank is a great example of this, Where an old man lives alone with a Robot given by his son and initially, the old man hated the robot but eventually they end up being best of friends.

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